What Causes March Flies?

March flies are an annoying nuisance that can make your yard and garden an unsightly mess. Luckily, you can easily get rid of them by using insect repellents. You can purchase products that use DEET or picaridin, two of the best insect repellents available. Both of these products will kill adult flies and prevent future swarms. You can apply repellents to your yard or garden with your hands and keep the area free from flies.

March flies breed in damp environments and prefer areas with plenty of organic matter. This is why you may see them around your garden, including in catch basins and water ditches. Even the landscaping around your home can provide prime food plots. You can also use compost and mulch to provide these female flies with an ideal food source.

March flies can cause severe allergic reactions, including hives, fever, difficulty breathing, and anaphylaxis. The worst-affected areas include the City of Karratha and Shire of Ashburton in the Pilbara. In one case, a 23-year-old woman in Karratha, Western Australia, was bitten by a March fly on her arm. She went to the hospital after experiencing a rash and swelling on her arm.

March flies are a nuisance that can be quite painful and annoying. These flies can cause allergic reactions, but fortunately, they do not transmit any diseases. Although you may experience a sting after being bitten, the bites should be treated with ice packs and antihistamines.

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