How Do Flies Live in Trees?

When you’re growing a crop, it’s important to keep the flies away from your crops. These little creatures are pests that can lower your yield, but you can manage them. A team of researchers from Western Sydney University is studying the behavior of flies to improve yields. They grew a variety of flies on different types of fruits and vegetables, including mangoes and avocados.

In addition to being a nuisance, flies can cause foodborne illnesses and can also transmit disease. However, they play an important role in nature, serving as a pollinator for plants, breaking down organic materials, and providing food for other creatures. Here are some facts about flies and their habits.

Adult flies typically live for 15 to 25 days. However, they can live as long as two or three months. Their life span increases with appropriate food. They also live longer in cooler temperatures. Adult flies also need food before copulating. They can copulate in two to fifteen minutes. Female flies need protein to grow and develop, but manure is not sufficient.

Adult flies are about one-eighth of an inch long and have broad wings. Their mouthparts are adapted for sucking, lapping, and piercing. They also have claws and pads on their legs, which are used for clinging. They also undergo a complete metamorphosis. As larvae, they lay their eggs on the food they will use to grow. Once the eggs hatch, the adult fly will emerge.

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