How Do Flies Have Sex?

How Do Flies Have Sex?

Fly sex occurs when the male flies release a semen component that travels to receptors in the female fly’s uterus. This component then sends a signal to the female fly’s brain. This is when the female fly will decide whether to mate with a male or reject him and fly off.

Scientists have found that flies associate the process of ejaculation with a specific smell. They have found that ejaculation with the smell of nuts is enjoyable, while the smell of alcohol is unpleasant. But scientists believe that fruit flies are able to feel pleasure while ejaculating.

Researchers at Bar-Ilan University have found that the ovipositor is an important part of fly sex. The ovipositor is an organ in fruit flies that is important for courtship and copulation. Their findings were published in the journal Current Biology.

The Y chromosome plays an important role in determining the sex of flies. However, in Drosophila, the Y chromosome does not play a role in determining sex. In adult flies, the Y chromosome contains the genes necessary for the production of sperm.

Interestingly, male flies mate with the corpses of dead females. In fact, it is thought that this intimacy could help spread the fungus.