Do Flies Live in the Ground?

Many of us don’t realize that flies are not the only insects that live in the ground. In fact, many species live only as larvae or eggs in the ground. Flies are also an important part of the food chain, and some species help to pollinate plants or clean up dead animals. Flies also interact with humans, as they can be a source of food for both humans and animals.

Flies have a very complex life cycle. The larvae feed on earthworms, while the adults search for food sources and overwinter in buildings and houses. When diapause is over, they resume flying activity. Flies also lay eggs in rotting vegetation, animal waste, and decaying matter. While the larvae do not have jointed legs, they must molt several times before they can become an adult fly.

When indoors, flies are attracted to light and will congregate near windows. Some species of flies can fly as far as twenty miles, so they are able to migrate long distances in search of food and breeding sites. Houseflies, for example, will remain in their breeding sites during the day but move away during the night.

The females of fruit flies, also known as vinegar flies, lay their eggs in fermented liquids. Because they have an arched thorax, they are sometimes referred to as humpbacked flies. Other types of flies, such as phorids, are dark-colored and feed on organic debris and liquefied garbage.

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