Destiny 2 Quests - As the Crow Flies and Cry From Beyond

Destiny 2 Quests – As the Crow Flies and Cry From Beyond

The new season of Destiny 2 offers a new quest called As the Crow Flies. This quest will send you to investigate marked coordinates in the EDZ. Collect five feathers to receive the Hawkmoon Exotic hand cannon. To complete the quest, you will need to defeat the boss Ishrasek.

Once you’ve completed the first task, the game will reward you with the next quest. It is called As the Crow Flies and will require you to collect five different feathers from the Hawkmoon. These feathers will emit noise and glow, which will make them easy to spot. The first feather is found near the cave entrance.

The next mission, Cry from Beyond, is fairly easy. It will involve following a glowing bird, killing enemies, and doing a bit of Destiny platforming. You’ll eventually reach the effigy of Hawkmoon, which you can then use to complete the mission.

In Destiny 2, you can also unlock the Hawkmoon as part of the Exotic quest, As the Crow Flies. The Exotic hand cannon is a new weapon, and you’ll need to get the season pass in order to obtain it. You’ll need five feathers to restore the Hawkmoon’s power. To unlock the weapon, you’ll need to complete several missions. You’ll also need to complete the Season of the Hunt mission in order to get the Hawkmoon.