Can Pickle Juice Kill Fruit Flies?

You may have heard that putting pickle juice into a jar can kill fruit flies. To do this, you should place the jar in a location where fruit flies are often found. The fruit fly will be attracted to the smell and will crawl in the jar to drown. You can also place the jar under a cupboard or sink to trap fruit flies.

You can also use a commercial insecticide to kill fruit flies. But if you’re not comfortable using a chemical insecticide, you can also try trapping fruit flies. There are several commercial traps available, but if you’re looking for a cheaper solution, you can use a baby food jar or other odorless container.

Aside from killing fruit flies, pickle juice also has other uses, like killing weeds and adding acidity to the compost pile. This is especially beneficial for acid loving plants like hydrangeas and rhododendrons. It is also useful for detoxifying the body and supporting good digestion. It also helps relieve the pain associated with gout by cleansing uric acid from the joints.

You can also trap gnats by using a piece of fly paper. Roll the paper into a cone, making sure it is tightly rolled. Most of the gnats will stick to the paper and fall into the bottle.

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