Can You See Fleas on Your Dog?

Fleas are microscopic parasites that live in the home. They feed on animals and humans and are not difficult to spot. They are oval in shape and range in color from red to dark brown. Their bodies are robust, but they cannot fly. They are most easily spotted on the tummy.

Fleas can live for up to 21 days in your home. Fleas can hide in dark areas and can easily escape a vacuum bag. The most effective method for preventing fleas is to wash bedding frequently, including your pet’s bedding. The aim of flea control is to prevent an infestation of your entire home. Fleas can live on carpets, furniture, and other commonly used items.

A dog with fleas may not have obvious signs of infestation. If your dog’s fur is dark and greasy, you may be unable to spot fleas on your dog. If you’re unsure, you can use a magnifying glass to see the fleas. They’re a tiny reddish brown parasite.

Adult fleas measure about an eighth of an inch long. They have flat backsides and red or brown colored abdomens, depending on the blood meal they’re feeding on. Fleas do not have wings but have very flexible joints and can jump long distances.

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