Does a Lizard Eat a Cockroach?

If you want to know whether your lizard will eat a cockroach, you will need to learn more about its diet. Roaches can be a good meal for many lizard species, including monitors, panther chameleons, leopard geckos, and bearded dragons. However, they can be intimidating for some lizard keepers.

Insects, in general, are the main food items for most lizard species. Roaches, in particular, are a good source of protein for many lizard species. However, because roaches have a variety of tastes and habitats, different species prefer different types.

If you want to ensure the health of your lizard, you should ensure that it is not eating cockroaches or other wild cockroaches. To prevent this from happening, you should observe the lizard carefully after it eats a cockroach. Look for signs of illness, such as a lack of appetite, unusual droppings, lethargy, or sunken eyes. If these signs are present, you should immediately seek the advice of a trusted vet.

Most lizards, including geckos, will eat a cockroach. However, you should never try to feed your lizard too many roaches at a time because you’ll endanger its health. It is best to feed a roach to your lizard only once or twice a week.