Can You Kill a Cockroach by Stepping on It?

Cockroaches can be killed by stepping on them, but it is not advised as it puts everyone in the vicinity at risk. This is because the exoskeleton of the roach is so hard that it can survive a lot of knocks. If you step on the roach, its internal body parts will spill out, contaminating the floor. It is better to knock it unconscious, rather than step on it, but you must be careful not to let it escape because it can reproduce.

Cockroaches are highly resilient and can withstand up to 60% of their body weight. This is why stepping on a cockroach will only phase it if the pressure on its exoskeleton is more than 60% of its body weight. In fact, a cockroach’s body weight is about 300 times more than the weight of its exoskeleton. This is incredible, considering that a single cockroach weighs less than a gram. However, if you step on a roach without taking precautions, you are likely to crush its exoskeleton and kill it.

A cockroach’s case is made of a protective membrane that the female cockroach uses to carry eggs. These cases contain as many as 30 to 40 cockroach eggs, though some species produce fewer eggs. These eggs are made of the same protein as the exoskeleton, and they have a leathery texture.