Will a Dryer Kill Bed Bugs?

If you suspect that you have bed bugs, drying your clothes in a dryer is a great way to eliminate the bugs and their eggs. Before using the dryer, it is important to vacuum your clothes and check for any signs of infestation. It is also important to use a high heat setting in your dryer. Once you’ve finished drying your clothes, place them in an unused bag.

Most people aren’t aware of how hot their water or dryer gets. It’s best to set the dryer to 120 degrees in order to kill bedbugs quickly. This can take anywhere from ten to fifteen minutes. While this method won’t completely kill bedbugs, it will definitely kill the nymphs and adults.

Another way to kill bedbugs is to put dirty clothes in a plastic bag. This way, you won’t spread the bugs to the other clothes in the house. You can also buy a spray for repelling bedbugs that is available for sale in stores. However, you must be aware that the sprays won’t work if the bedbugs are hiding in the fabric.

If you’re unable to remove bedbugs from your clothes, you can also use dissolvable laundry bags. These bags are effective for killing bedbugs and are great for washing in the dryer. Just make sure to dispose of the bags before putting your clothes into the dryer.

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