Why Does Heat Kill Bed Bugs?

One of the most popular ways to get rid of bed bugs is through the use of heat. This is because heat is highly effective in controlling the population of these insects. This is particularly effective in homes, as heat is able to move to any part of a house and kill bugs. It is most effective when applied to mattresses, bed sheets, and linens, which will all grow hot. In addition, the heat will kill bed bugs wherever they are hiding, unlike other methods which require a person to go hunting for the bugs.

Another great reason to use heat to kill bed bugs is that it is clean. Heat is a better choice than chemicals that can be all over your home. While sprays and powders can be effective in a small area, the heat will reach the entire home and kill the bugs. The heat will also not allow the bugs to escape because they cannot escape it.

Heat can also be used in saunas, but it can be dangerous for humans. People cannot stay in high temperatures for very long periods of time, so this approach is only safe if the room is not occupied. Also, it is important to find a time when no one else will be home so that the heat can effectively kill the bugs.

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