Where Does Bed Bugs Come From and How to Get Rid of Them?

If you suspect that your home may be infested with bedbugs, it is important to know how to identify and treat these insects. Bedbugs can be difficult to detect, but they are often identifiable by the reddish brown fecal spots they leave on mattresses, walls, and upholstery. They are also noticeable because of their tiny, reddish-brown bites. Although these bites may seem itchy, they are not a reliable indication of bedbug infestation.

Bedbugs will breed at night, and they do not like people who are on their periods. This is a good reason to vacuum your home daily and check for any signs of bedbugs, especially around your bed. Additionally, minimizing clutter is another key factor in reducing the risk of infestation.

You can also seek professional help to get rid of bedbug infestations. You can find a list of qualified practitioners at the Pest World website. However, prevention is the best remedy. You should clean your home thoroughly and wash your bedding and any guest clothes in hot water. Moreover, you should also check children’s clothing for bedbugs, and make sure that the clutter is kept to a minimum.

If you find traces of bedbugs in your home, it is important to remove them right away. The bugs will hide in cracks in plaster or seams in wallpaper. Electrical switch plates and wall hangings can also hide bedbugs. Appliances and electronics are another place to check. Place small electronic items in Nuvan Strips bags to protect them from bugs.

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