Can Bed Bugs Live Outside?

You may wonder whether it’s possible for bedbugs to live outside. Despite being known to survive in extreme temperatures, bedbugs prefer the comfort and warmth of your home. However, they may make their way outside unintentionally. This means you need to take preventive measures to keep these insects away.

The first step is to ensure your yard is free of debris. Remove any debris that may harbor bedbugs. You should make sure that the yard is free of cracks and other openings. If there are cracks in the grass, it’s a good place for them to hide. If you see them in your yard, you should remove them within a day or two.

Besides the home, you should also check patio furniture cushions for infestation. In addition to mattresses, bedbugs may live in patio furniture cushions. It’s a good idea to keep patio furniture out of reach of these insects if you have children. Bedbugs can live for months without food.

Even if bedbugs can live outdoors, they will eventually come back indoors. If you find them outdoors, it’s highly likely that they came from somewhere else.

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