How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

The first step to get rid of bed bugs is to inspect your bed for evidence of their presence. This can be done with a flashlight or by using rubbing alcohol. If you find them, it is best to bring them to a professional exterminator. These professionals have access to chemicals and other treatments that can kill bedbugs on contact and in the long run.

Other effective methods include washing and drying all bedbug-infested items thoroughly. Then, place them in sealed plastic bags. Moreover, you should also wash fabric window coverings and mattress pads. You can also use a steamer to kill the bugs in these materials.

You should also check the seams of your box spring and mattress regularly. Bed bugs live in these places and are drawn to warm-blooded creatures. When they feed, they leave behind tiny spots and empty shells. To get rid of bedbugs, it is important to get rid of all the hidden spaces.

Bed bugs are often difficult to eradicate, but it is possible to make your house and room completely bug-free. If you’ve been travelling recently, you’re likely to have brought bedbugs home with you. Public transportation, movie theaters, and clothing stores are other places where bedbugs can infest a home.

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