When Do Bed Bugs Eat?

If you have a bed bug infestation, you’ll probably want to know when do bed bugs eat. Bedbugs will feed more frequently during warmer months, as the warmth helps them digest food and grow quickly. However, these insects aren’t limited to eating once or twice per week; they may also feed only once every few days.

Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed on blood and skin. They live close to their hosts and feed off their leftovers. Their mouthparts are like straws and their elongated bodies allow them to pierce human skin and other objects. Their mouthparts are also without teeth and tongues, so they eat only blood.

Adult bedbugs are oval and wingless and 1/5 inch long. They have well-developed antennae and small compound eyes. The area behind their heads, called the pronotum, is covered with numerous small hairs. Nymphs are much smaller than adults and have a lighter yellowish-white color.

Bed bugs also feed on other animals, but their primary diet is human blood. Although they have a bat-like cousin that feeds on bats, bedbugs prefer human blood. Identifying these pests can be tricky, but a pest control specialist can help you identify the bugs. A primary identifier is a relationship between the length of the hairs on the pronotum and the size of their eyes.

During the day, bedbugs hide in dark places, and feed at night. Bed bugs usually feed in places close to where hosts sleep. Their favorite hiding places include mattresses, box springs, and wood molding. They can also hide in loose wallpaper and electronics. In addition, they can hide inside clothes and other items in closets and other areas of the home.

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