What Size Are Bed Bugs When They Bite?

Bedbugs are parasitic insects that live inside the human body. They find their hosts by sensing the body heat. Carbon dioxide in the exhaled air attracts them. They then sting their host with their beaks to feed. They will feed for 3 to 12 minutes. Their bites usually appear in rows or lines.

Bedbugs have seven stages in their life cycle. Juvenile bedbugs are between one and five millimeters long. They feed on human blood and will engorge themselves within 10 minutes. After feeding, they will retreat back to their original size. This stage will last for several days.

The adult stage of bedbugs is the same size as their egg stage. Adult bedbugs may bite several times during their life cycle. Typically, they will only bite when hungry. However, they may continue to bite until they are dead. As you can see, the life cycle of a bed bug is complex.

Bed bug bites can be quite uncomfortable. They typically appear as red, itchiness-filled welts. However, unlike mosquito bites, bed bug bites do not develop a ring-like rash. The affected area will be red and swollen for a few days.

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