What Can I Use to Keep Bed Bugs From Biting Me?

One of the best ways to prevent bedbugs from biting you is to avoid frequent movement. Wearing pajamas or bed clothes is recommended as bedbugs don’t like to burrow under clothes. It is also important to check used items before bringing them home. You can also check the seams of your mattress for any evidence of bedbug excrement. You should also place your luggage on a dresser or table instead of on the bed itself.

If you are unsure of how to deal with bedbugs, you can always use a vacuum. These can remove the bugs and their eggs. Once the bed bugs are gone, you can dispose of the vacuum bag outside. Alternatively, you can use sticky tape to remove the bugs from walls and furniture.

Another way to prevent bed bugs from biting you is by removing your bedding. Putting your bedding in plastic bags and shaking it out thoroughly can prevent the bugs from biting you. However, this method will not kill them. You must also remember that bedbugs can live for a year without food.

Another way to repel bed bugs is to use essential oils. Lemon has long been used as an odor neutraliser and has anti-bed bug properties. You can also use the Vicks vaporub, which has a strong menthol scent.

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