How to See Bed Bugs With a Flashlight

One of the best ways to detect bedbugs is with a flashlight. These insects live in dark places, and their excrement is red or dark brown. They also leave tiny blood stains on your sheets and other materials. These bugs usually come out at night, and a bright flashlight will help you locate them. You can also use a magnifying glass to see eggs or newly hatched bedbugs.

Once you have spotted the bugs, you can begin the process of extermination. First, you need to turn off all lights, including those coming in through the doors or windows. Then, begin searching for them in places that are dark, such as underneath the mattress or in the bed frame. Using a UV flashlight can help you locate them more easily, as they glow bright green when exposed to UV light.

You can also use your flashlight to check furniture and other objects in your room. You can also use it to check for bedbugs when you’re buying used furniture. These insects can be spread through clothing and other cloth materials, and it’s crucial to check these areas for infestation before you buy any furniture.

Another important area to check is cracks in the drywall or in the floorboards. If you have a headboard with deep seams, bedbugs may be hiding there.

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