Do Bed Bugs Come From Outside?

Bed bugs are a common pest on your property, but you may not think they come from outside. These insects cannot fly or jump, so they are only able to move very short distances. As a result, they are excellent hitchhikers. If they find an attractive object, they’ll hitchhike. For instance, if someone had recently thrown away a mattress, bed bugs will find it. If that doesn’t work, they’ll look for another infested item.

Another way to get rid of bedbugs is by heating up the room. This is an effective way to kill bedbugs inside the home, and it can also be done outside. Heating a room to over 40 degrees Celsius is enough to kill most bedbugs. Ideally, the temperature should be 50 degrees Celsius or higher. This way, a bedbug infestation will be eliminated in a matter of days, even months.

Another way bedbugs are spread is through the clothes you wear and your pets wear. Bedbugs are often carried by travelers, but they can also be carried in your luggage. They usually live in clothing or bags and have a 20-foot radius. They can spread from one place to another through these carriers, which makes them difficult to eradicate.

Bedbugs prefer warm, moist conditions, and a high level of humidity. When temperatures drop, they run backwards to their food source. This means that they won’t die in cold weather, even though their body temperature will drop.

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