How to Kill Bedbugs Fast

Bedbugs are small, crawling insects that prefer to live in places where humans sit or lay. Their tiny bodies allow them to fit into a surprisingly small space, and if left unchecked, they can spread to many different rooms. Unlike other pests, bedbugs are comparatively fast, moving about one foot every thirty seconds.

Bedbugs bite by injecting a small amount of saliva into the skin of their host. The saliva contains anesthetic and anticoagulant chemicals that make the bite virtually painless. In addition, bedbug bites are generally unnoticeable until they develop a skin reaction. It takes anywhere from five to fourteen days for bedbug bites to show up on humans. Although most people never notice them, some may become ill from the bites. The bites can result in scars, skin infections, and asthmatic and anaphylactic reactions.

If you want to kill bedbugs quickly, you need to know their speed. Although cockroaches cannot fly or jump, they can easily crawl across the smoothest surfaces. Their legs have tiny hooks that cling to the skin’s pores. This makes them difficult to catch. Because their body is low, they can fit into tiny crevices and can move around quickly.

Bedbugs can move around a large area and can survive without food for a long time. The average adult bedbug can live for a year or more without food, and they can hide in furniture and used items. This allows them to spread to nearby rooms.

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