How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

If you are looking for ways to get rid of bed bugs, you should understand that they are very hard to eradicate. Bedbugs can survive for months without eating, and they will survive even if their host is not around. They can also feed on your pets, such as rats or mice. In order to avoid being bitten, you should seal the mattress cover. This will prevent the bugs from traveling.

In order to survive, bedbugs feed on human blood of other mammals. Because of their lack of teeth or tongue, they cannot survive without a blood meal. In cool climates, bedbugs can live up to two months without feeding, but in colder climates, their metabolism slows down considerably and they can live up to a year without eating.

Although the cold winter months can cause a bedbug infestation, the bugs do not die off, and they can still survive and reproduce. Unlike other pests, bed bugs will continue to feed as long as there is a source of human blood. That is why they are so hard to eliminate. A warm room with heating will kill these pests.

If you have found an infestation of bed bugs, the first step in getting rid of bedbugs is to make sure your bedding and furniture is clean. This can be done by washing it in a high temperature of up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit or 55 degrees Celsius. You can also deface the furniture to make it less attractive to bedbugs. Building managers should also ensure that they dispose of the furniture correctly by throwing it in a dumpster or a waste disposal facility. When you are washing your bedding, you need to avoid covering it with black plastic. This is because heat must penetrate all of the item in order to kill the bugs.

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