How Long Do Bed Bugs Last?

It is very difficult to get rid of bed bugs completely. They are not known to be quick to die and can live for years. Sometimes, they isolate themselves to one room, so it is difficult to detect them. Then, they can be transferred to other areas of the house through cracks in the ceiling, walls, and pipes. They can also be carried on clothing.

Typically, bedbugs feed at night and hide during the day. However, they are able to feed whenever their hosts are nearby. They prefer areas within six feet of their hosts’ sleeping areas. They can hide in cracks and seams in mattresses and box springs. They can also hide in loose wallpaper, electronic devices, and upholstery.

There are several types of bedbugs and a thorough diagnosis can help you determine which is the culprit. The adult stage of bedbugs are oval, flat, and reddish brown, with wingless bodies. They have small compound eyes and a well-developed antennae. In addition, they have a pronotum, or area behind the head, that is covered with many small hairs. The immature stage is called a nymph and is much smaller than the adult stage. The immature stage is light yellow or whitish in color.

Once established, bedbugs will often last for months or even years. Usually, these bugs can produce multiple generations per year depending on the temperature and availability of a host.

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