How Soon Can Bed Bugs Lay Eggs?

You may be wondering how soon can bed bugs lay eggs. The female bed bug can lay up to five eggs per day after she feeds on your blood. Typically, the eggs hatch within 10 days or two weeks. This means that there are always new batches of bedbugs ready to feed on you. The female bedbugs tend to move away from their original harborage area, so you will rarely see them laying eggs in the same location more than once.

The eggs look like flat, hollow shells. Hatched eggs disintegrate easily. Even a slight disturbance can cause them to disintegrate. The eggs also have two red dots on them, which represent the growing eyes of the nymph. If either of these is missing, it is likely that the egg has already hatched.

The eggs are tiny, white, and one millimeter long. After hatching, the nymphs start feeding. Adult bed bugs can lay up to three eggs per day. They live for six to 12 months in the lab, but in the real world, they live less than half that long.

Despite being difficult to get rid of, bed bugs can be extremely hard to eradicate. They reproduce very quickly. One female bed bug can lay hundreds of eggs in a month, which means that in a few weeks, you can expect as many as 40 babies to be born. You can’t get rid of them without taking measures to prevent them from spreading. If you’ve already discovered a bed bug infestation, the first thing you should do is inspect your bed frame and box spring for any insects. They are both common hiding spots for bed bugs.

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