How Old Are Bed Bugs When They Lay Eggs?

The first step to dealing with bed bugs is determining whether or not you have an infestation. These tiny bugs usually live in bed frames and can lay up to seven eggs per day. The egg hatching time is about ten days. Once the egg hatches, the bugs must feed again to lay more eggs. The more blood the bugs consume, the more eggs they lay. The eggs are white and barrel-shaped and can be about one millimeter long.

Female bed bugs lay their eggs on a daily basis, and they can hatch after seven to ten days. However, the temperature can affect the egg hatching time. In a warmer environment, the eggs will hatch sooner, while a cooler environment will take longer. Generally, the egg hatching time ranges from seven to twelve days.

Before laying eggs, the female bed bug is about 25 to 45 days old. In order to lay eggs, she has to go through five different stages. The first three stages last about a week, and the second three stage lasts about two weeks. After five molts, the bed bug is considered mature.

Adult bed bugs have brown flat bodies. They grow to about a quarter of an inch and have oval-shaped legs. They feed every few days for about three to 10 minutes. However, they can go longer without feeding.

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