How Long on High Heat to Kill Bed Bugs

To kill bed bugs, a heat treatment is necessary. However, it can be tricky to reach temperatures that kill them. It is important to remember that the higher the temperature, the faster the bugs will die. A heat treatment of 113 degF will kill an adult bed bug in about ninety-four minutes.

Before a heat treatment, homeowners should prepare the area. They should remove any food that can spoil and any food or goods that may melt. Also, they should remove anything flammable that may cause a fire or an explosion. It is also crucial to inspect all items brought into the house. Bed bugs can lay eggs in the items, so it is important to inspect all items thoroughly to eliminate the risk of spreading the infestation.

Heat treatments can kill bed bugs and their eggs. A heat treatment should be done for at least 90 minutes. It is also important to dry items thoroughly to kill them. Using a clothes dryer is one way to kill bed bugs and their eggs. During the process, you should make sure that the dryer reaches a high heat setting.

High heat kills bed bugs quickly. A temperature of 111.2 degrees Fahrenheit kills 50% of adult bed bugs in 58 minutes. However, if the temperature is increased more slowly, the kill point decreases to 122 degrees. Using high heat to kill bed bugs is an effective option, but you must be careful and use the right equipment to get rid of the infestation.

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