How Long Bed Bugs Live

Whether you are a pet owner or someone who is concerned about bedbug infestations, it is important to know how long bed bugs live. Bedbugs have a long life cycle, and this depends on their environment and feeding habits. If they are unable to find a blood meal, they will go into a hibernation state where they conserve energy and wait for a new meal. Bed bugs will survive for up to 4.5 months in an empty house before dying off. In order to prevent further infestation and to prevent damage to your furniture, it is important to exterminate them before they get to this stage.

The average life span of bed bugs is from ten months to one year, but it is important to note that life spans can vary depending on the type of environment in which the bugs are living. For instance, bedbugs thrive in hot, humid environments. While they can survive for a couple of months in a laboratory setting, conditions in a home are much more difficult for them.

In the wild, bedbugs can live for a year or more without feeding. However, this timeframe does not include the time it takes to hatch into an adult. Bedbug eggs are only one to two millimeters long, and are practically invisible. They are covered in sticky substance, making them very difficult to detect. As a result, they can attach themselves to your mattresses, bedsheets, and other household items. It takes approximately a week for the eggs to hatch and develop into nymphs.

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