How Far Can Bed Bugs Crawl?

Unlike other insects, bed bugs are unable to fly but can move at high speed. They can move between three and four feet per minute on most surfaces. These creatures are able to traverse floors and quickly tuck themselves away in hiding places. This means that if you have a bed bug infestation, you should use a combination of treatment methods to completely get rid of them.

It is best to start by eliminating any potential hiding places for bed bugs. This includes eliminating any clutter from the room and washing all washable items in hot water. You should also dry the fabric on a high flame to kill the bugs. If you don’t want to hire a professional pest control service, you can clean your bed for yourself.

Since bed bugs can travel from one room to another, they can easily be transferred to other areas of your home. This happens because of the shared walls in your house. Bed bugs can sneak from room to room, and they can fit through small cracks. Once they’re in a room, they will breed wherever they find a host.

A single female bed bug can cause a large infestation. The average lifespan of a bedbug is ten months, but they can produce multiple generations every year if conditions are right. Infestations usually develop slowly, and the first signs of infestation can be mistaken for other insects. However, once the infestation is visible, they can multiply exponentially.

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