How Do Bed Bugs Lay Eggs When You Kill Them?

If you think that killing bedbugs is the best way to eliminate the infestation, think again. Bedbugs have preferences, and one of those preferences is hiding. That’s why they prefer rough surfaces, like the seam of a mattress or a corner of a sofa. In order to stay hidden, bedbugs lay their eggs in such places.

A typical bedbug population consists of several generations per year. Each generation lasts for around four to six months, depending on the temperature and accessibility of a host. In order to reproduce, bedbugs need close proximity to a source of blood. Consequently, killing one adult bug will result in a number of new ones, each of which will require a blood meal.

Bedbug eggs are pearl-white in color and are darker than the hatched bugs. In addition, older eggs may have eye spots on them, which look like two black dots. Fortunately, there are a few ways to get rid of bed bugs before they lay their eggs. Firstly, you should always inspect the mattress and any surrounding areas. Bedbug eggs are small and can easily be overlooked.

A bedbug can lay eggs in several places, including cracks and crevices. These areas can be a safe place for eggs, and they can also provide access to food sources.

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