How Do Bed Bugs Get in Your Hair?

Despite their name, bed bugs don’t spend a long time in your hair after you wake up. They are nocturnal and spend most of the day hiding in the shadows. The bites of these creatures are itchy and painful. They leave behind tiny red bumps that are difficult to see, but they can be felt.

Bedbugs don’t live in your hair naturally, but they may enter it from another location if the surrounding area is overcrowded. If you’re worried that bed bugs may have made a home in your hair, you should call a professional pest control company for help. They can provide effective treatment for the problem.

Bed bugs bite the scalp and may also bite your hair and neck. While these bites can be unpleasant, they aren’t harmful and don’t cause any diseases. If you find that you’ve been bitten by bedbugs, you should wash and treat the area with corticosteroid cream.

Oil treatment is another good option. Although bed bugs need air, oil can drown them. Neem oil is a natural repellent and is said to disrupt insect hormone production. Several other oils are also effective against bed bugs. Apply the oil on your scalp and let it sit overnight. This will kill the bedbugs and will stop them from reproducing.

You should also take measures to prevent bedbugs from getting into your hair. Proper personal hygiene and the use of pesticides will keep them away. Unfortunately, if you ignore these steps, they will return. Luckily, these bugs are not disease carriers and don’t spread illnesses. However, they can lay eggs in your hair.

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