How Do Bed Bugs Die Naturally?

If you’re wondering how to kill bed bugs without pesticides, consider a natural cure. Instead of spraying pesticides, try placing crushed plant leaves around the room. The tiny hairs on the leaves are an excellent trap for bugs. Another natural remedy is using cat litter. These can be sprinkled around the room or boiled to kill bed bugs.

Bed bugs can live in a wide variety of places, including upholstered furniture. If they’ve inhabited your sofa, you may need to throw it out. The sofa may be infested to a large extent, and it may not be worth repairing. Otherwise, you can try replacing it with a metal bed frame.

Another way to kill bed bugs is to expose them to hot temperatures. Heat will kill bedbugs in all stages, but it’s unlikely to kill them all. In addition to making the environment uncomfortable for bedbugs, heat may just make them more resilient to the heat and may even spread the infestation.

Bed bugs typically bite in groups and feed on your skin. Their bites may itch or bleed. The stains left by their feeding will be red, rust, or a bleed. In addition, fecal spots on fabrics often resemble tiny spots of blood. Engorged bed bugs may also leave red splotches on clothing.

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