How Do Bed Bugs Affect Your Blood?

If you are experiencing bedbug bites, you might be wondering how they affect your blood. Bedbugs feed on the blood of their host and can cause significant blood loss over time. This can lead to anemia and other complications. These bugs prefer to feed during the night on exposed areas of your body. To make matters worse, they also feed at extremely high rates, sometimes feeding for three to fifteen minutes at a time.

People suffering from anemia often experience fatigue, chest pain, shortness of breath, and yellow skin. Fortunately, there is treatment available that will help you recover. Anemia is especially dangerous for senior citizens and young children. This condition can be caused by the persistent presence of bedbugs in your home, and the bites of these bugs can cause the immune system to become weakened.

Bedbugs can cause allergic reactions in up to 70% of individuals. These reactions can be minor or even life-threatening. The immune system releases chemicals, causing itching and welts on the affected area. Some people also experience asthma. If the bites are not treated immediately, the effects can become worse.

The bites from bedbugs are not painful at first, but will develop into red welts over time. Bedbugs typically bite in clusters on exposed parts of your body while you sleep. Bedbugs prefer to feed in close proximity to each other. They can also leave clusters of tiny red bumps on your skin. These can be difficult to distinguish from flea bites if you haven’t experienced them yourself.

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