How Cold Does It Have To Be To Kill Bed Bugs?

The temperature needed to kill bed bugs depends on the type of bed bug. Some species cannot survive cold temperatures, while others can. Freezing is one method of killing these bugs. Before freezing, ensure that the items you want to freeze are in plastic bags. This will prevent the bugs from escaping. Other items that you can put in the freezer include books, clothes, and shoes. It’s best to avoid putting any items that contain liquid.

The process of freezing infested items will kill bed bugs in a period of time. Generally, freezing items for four days in a cold freezer will kill them. The freezing process should be done by placing them in a plastic bag and storing them at a temperature of -19 degrees Celsius. Be sure to leave the items in the freezer for at least four days to ensure that the temperature is cold enough to kill the bugs. The center of the freezer must be cold enough to completely freeze the items in question.

Another method of killing bed bugs is freezing the beds themselves. Keeping the beds and mattresses in a cold room will not kill the bugs unless the temperature drops to zero. This is because bed bugs have a very high cold tolerance. The freezing point of their body fluids can be as low as minus -13 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are able to keep the temperature at the same level, you can still kill bed bugs and prevent them from breeding.

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