How Big Can Bed Bugs Get?

The size of bedbugs varies, depending on the species, their stage of development and the foods they eat. Adult bedbugs are about one-fourth of an inch long, and bedbug nymphs are much smaller. Their eggs are about one-tenth of an inch long, and they are often invisible to the naked eye.

The adult bedbug is easy to recognize, but the eggs are more difficult to detect. They are about a half-millimeter long, and are red or rust-colored. Once the eggs hatch, they will grow into a larva, which is between 1.5 and four millimeters long. The larva will feed on human blood for about four months, and will eventually reach adult size.

Adult bed bugs are oval and wingless, about 1/5 inch long. They have well-developed antennae and small compound eyes. Their pronotum, the area behind their head, is covered with small hairs. The nymphs are much smaller, about one-tenth of an inch long.

The nymphs of the bed bug are very similar to those of bat bugs, but they have a rounded abdomen. While bat bugs feed on bats, bed bugs feed on human blood. They are often confused with booklice, which can be six millimeters long. Both types of bugs live in bedding, furniture, window sills, and potted plants.

Adult bedbugs can be seen with an unaided eye, but the nymphs and eggs will require a hand-magnifying lens. You should also look for signs of infestation, such as dark, dried excrement and shed skins. The presence of rotting meat and an acrid odor can indicate a severe infestation.

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