How Bed Bugs Start

If you’re wondering how bed bugs start, then you’re not alone. These tiny insects can lay hundreds of eggs over their lifetime. Each egg is about the size of a dust speck, and they’ll shed five times before they mature. Females will lay anywhere from two to three eggs a day, and the eggs will hatch within a week at room temperature. In a year, this can mean up to three generations of bedbugs.

Bedbugs prefer to feed on humans, but they also feed on other animals and birds. They’ll travel up to 20 feet from their harborage to feed. They are active at night, and feed for three to twelve minutes. You don’t have to be on your period to attract bedbugs, but you should take the time to keep your bedding and pillows clean.

Bedbugs are very good at hiding and traveling. They will latch onto items and move around until they find a good meal. Because of this, it’s important to check any clothing that you’ve worn while traveling. Also, try to avoid leaving clothes on the floor. This will minimize the chance of bedbugs taking hold of your clothing.

Another sign that bedbugs are present is the presence of brown spots. This is often caused by the excrement of an insect that had a meal and urinated on the bedding. Usually, this is accompanied by a rusty odor.

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