How Bad Are Bed Bugs For Your Health?

Bed bugs aren’t dangerous in and of themselves, but a bad infestation can cause a lot of problems. The constant itching, the constant thought of bugs crawling on you, the loss of appetite, and the mental stress caused by an infestation can all be debilitating. Bedbugs have been linked to heart diseases and anaphylactic shock, and they are able to carry up to 40 different pathogens in their gut. This means they can cause many other diseases through their bites.

Bedbug bites can be very itchy and can cause red, itchy welts. The bites can last up to a week, although some people don’t experience them at all. If you do get a bite, you should clean it immediately with soap and water. You should also apply a steroidal anti-itch cream that contains hydrocortisone or cortisone. You can also use a topical anesthetic such as diphenhydramine to help reduce the itch.

Bedbug bites are not noticeable immediately, but you should be aware of their presence and take measures to get rid of them. Specks of blood in upholstered furniture and near seams are signs of a bedbug infestation. The bugs will also shed their outer shells, which leave behind shell-like remains. These shells can appear on bedding, as well as in the mattress itself.

The bites of bedbugs can cause allergic reactions for many people. In some cases, they can cause asthmatic attacks. Alternatively, they can cause hives, rashes, and burning. These symptoms can be serious and require immediate treatment.

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