Does Bed Bugs Live in Wood?

Bed bugs live in wood and need to feed on blood to grow. They are very small and can hide in small cracks. These openings usually result from scratches, chips, wear, or burrowing by other insects. Dark-colored wood is the perfect environment for these pests. When the female finds a suitable place to lay eggs, it becomes infested.

If you’re worried about bed bugs, the first thing you should do is to remove any old furniture and check the wood thoroughly. Take out drawers and disassemble pieces to see if there are bugs hiding in them. Also, treat any existing infestation. You can use home remedies to kill bed bugs or call a professional pest control service.

Using an old credit card to trap bedbugs living on wood furniture is a good idea. This method will also help you to prevent bedbugs from spreading. After catching the bugs, you should move the wood furniture outdoors. However, you should always keep in mind that bedbugs like to hide in small cracks, so you must be patient in the process.

You should also use caution when purchasing wood furniture. Avoid buying second-hand furniture that has been sitting outside. It is highly likely that the furniture is infested with bedbugs. It’s also a good idea to prevent wood furniture from coming into contact with walls.

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