Does Alcohol Help With Bed Bugs?

Alcohol can be a powerful bed bug killer, but it is not a permanent cure. While it may seem like an expensive and ineffective treatment, alcohol can help get rid of bed bugs by killing them on contact. Alcohol kills bed bugs in two ways: it disintegrates the bugs, and it destroys their cell walls.

One drawback of alcohol is that it can stain fabrics. While it won’t stain your mattress or box spring, it can stain your couch, carpet, or curtains. Alcohol also has a very strong odor, so you have to be careful where you spray it. Alcohol should be used only on bed bugs.

The concentration of the alcohol you use is important. A high-concentration of alcohol will kill bed bugs more effectively than a low-concentration solution. When treating a bed bug infestation, try to find an alcohol solution with a concentration of 91 percent or higher. While the alcohol does not kill all the bugs in the area, it will kill their eggs.

Another problem with alcohol is that it only kills the bugs on contact. The rubbing alcohol will only prevent the bugs from returning. Once the egg hatches, they will happily feed again.

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