Do You Have to Get a New Mattress If You Have Bed Bugs?

If you think that your mattress might be infested with bedbugs, there are several ways to get rid of them. The first is to get it cleaned. Wrapping it in plastic will help contain the bugs. Then, you can use heat to kill them.

To dispose of an infested mattress, you must take care not to spread the infestation to other items. In addition to the mattress, you should also wash all your linens in hot water. If you cannot get rid of bedbugs by washing, you should hire a professional bed bug exterminator.

In most cases, you can get rid of the bedbugs without disposing of the mattress, but if the bugs have already spread to other rooms, you should consider getting a new mattress. You should also consider replacing the mattress if your weight or sleeping style changes, or if you live with someone who also has an infestation.

You can try moving the bedding using a laundry basket. Do not place the laundry outside, as this can spread the bedbugs. Another option is using garbage bags and a hot water spray. This is the next best thing to insecticide. However, these methods only work if you are able to remove the eggs from the mattress.

If the bedbugs are causing a rash, you may want to consider a heat treatment. This will kill the bedbugs and prevent the infestation from spreading to other parts of the mattress. The bedbug bites are small and red, and you can spot them on any part of your body. Bedbugs will also leave red or brown spots on the mattress.

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