Do Bed Bugs Move With You When You Move?

Before you move to a new home, you should consider whether you are infested with bed bugs. If so, you should take steps to prevent infestations before you move. This way, you will be less likely to bring bed bugs with you when you move. Whether or not you have been infested in your prior residence is also a factor.

If you suspect that you may have a bed bug infestation, you should take a thorough inventory of your belongings. Especially check items near your bed. If you notice a problem, spray a product made specifically for bed bugs. You can also turn over pieces of furniture to expose additional hiding places.

Before you move out, make sure you shower and change into clean clothes. Then, seal your clothing in a plastic bag until laundry day. Also, make sure to give your pets a bath to ensure that they are bed bug free. In addition, you should take care of any furniture and appliances that could have a bed bug infestation.

The best way to prevent bed bugs from spreading is to keep them out of your house. These tiny, flat bugs spend most of their lives in hiding and can easily be transferred on your clothing, luggage, and other household items. Since they can hide in many places, it’s important to prevent them from laying eggs and getting into your home.

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