Do Bed Bugs Make Your Skin Burn?

You may have woken up to find bedbug bites on your skin. If they are on your body, it can be quite painful and itchy. A corticosteroid cream can be used to soothe the burning skin. You can use a weaker version without a prescription and stronger ones only with a doctor’s advice. The bites will typically heal within a week or two.

Bedbug bites can cause significant itching, usually triggered by the bugs’ saliva. This can result in an itchy, red rash. Some people also experience an allergic reaction to bedbug bites. However, this reaction is usually limited. If you scratch the skin too much, it can develop into an infection. If you don’t scratch the bites, they should go away on their own. You can also apply an antihistamine cream.

Most people who experienced bedbug bites noted red itchy welts on their skin. However, people who have never experienced bedbug bites were less likely to have a reaction to them. The most common site where bedbug bites occur is on the chest and back. However, bedbug bites can also occur on the face or hands.

If you have bedbug bites, you should first consult a doctor. It can help identify the source of the problem. The bites of bedbugs are caused by chemicals in their saliva. If you try to scratch the bites, the burning will get worse. A calamine lotion or baking soda paste applied on the affected area can also be effective.

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