Do Bed Bugs Like Cold Rooms?

Cold temperatures can kill bed bugs but these methods do not always work. Unlike humans, bed bugs are unable to produce body heat and must rely on external heat sources to stay warm. Cold exposure does not kill bed bugs in direct contact, but it will kill their eggs. The cold room treatment should last for several days to be effective.

Another treatment is to freeze bedding and clothing. You should leave these items in the freezer for a week before using them to kill bed bugs. If this treatment is not enough, you can also use dry ice to kill the bed bugs. Make sure to seal the bag before you start the treatment. After a week, you can remove the frozen items.

Although bed bugs like cold temperatures, they will only stay in them for a short time. They are not as active as they are during warmer months. Because of this, they are more likely to stay in place and not hitch a ride with people. However, the cold temperature will make it harder for them to breed and spread.

During cold temperatures, bed bugs go into hibernation mode. These creatures use a mechanism called Diapause to adapt to cold conditions. However, in warmer temperatures, they will continue to grow. In this case, you cannot keep your windows open or barricade the door threshold. If your home is used only for a few seasons each year, you should be able to keep it warm. During the cold winter months, the bugs will sleep, but they will wake up when the temperature thaws.

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