Do Bed Bugs Go in Your Hair?

Bed bugs don’t live in your hair, but they can infest your home. These little pests have legs that are not sticky and don’t grip your hair very well. They are often found in homes but can also be found in movie theaters and hotels. If you find them in your home, you can treat them as you would lice by washing off any exposed skin.

While bed bugs cannot live in your hair, they may make a temporary home in your wig or hairpiece. Luckily, they do not spread disease. Infested wigs and hairpieces should be washed to remove the bugs. You can also wash your hair with a regular shampoo to remove any traces of their exoskeletons. You don’t need to blow dry your hair after washing.

Bed bugs can also crawl across the surface of your hair. While hair isn’t an ideal place for them to build a nest, they will sometimes cross your hair while seeking a blood meal. However, if you have long hair, bed bugs won’t form a harborage in your hair.

While removing bed bugs from your hair is not easy, there are several home remedies that will kill them. These include using a bed bug shampoo or an olive oil mixture. You can also use nit combs to remove any bed bugs from your hair. Just make sure you rinse thoroughly with hot water afterwards.

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