Do Bed Bugs Have a Hard Shell?

The first step in treating a bed bug infestation is to collect samples of these bugs. You can find pictures of bed bugs online or in university publications. These samples should be carefully packaged to avoid damage and sent to a professional for positive identification. Bed bugs can be a nuisance, and you should seek the help of a pest management professional if you suspect you have a problem.

Bedbugs have six legs and an oval, nearly flat body. They start off as small nymphs, and develop into adults in five weeks. They go through five molts, each of which requires a blood meal. Female bedbugs lay about 500 eggs over their lifetime. The eggs are white or tan, and the head is attached broadly to the body.

While bed bugs cannot transmit diseases, they can occasionally bite humans. While they are rarely harmful, bites from swallow bugs and bat bugs are itchy. The female bedbug lays her eggs in batches of two to five eggs. Their typical laying locations include the folds in a mattress, joints in the bed frame, and behind molding. In one month, a female bedbug can lay over 200 eggs.

Infested furniture can be cleaned and treated to kill the bugs. It is important to remember that the furniture should be disposed of properly. Don’t leave it lying around on the street, where scavengers might find it and spread the problem.

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