Do Bed Bugs Fly?

Bed bugs do not have wings. Instead, they have wing pads. These wing pads are not fit for flight. Instead, they move by climbing and crawling. But, despite the fact that they can’t fly, bed bugs can easily spread throughout a home. And because they lay hundreds of eggs per life span, an infestation in a home can quickly become very serious.

While bed bugs do not fly, they can spread by bumming a ride on your clothes or luggage. This way, they can infest any area. However, it is important to inspect these items thoroughly to avoid the spread of the bugs. They can also move to other areas of the house through contact with people.

While bed bugs can climb walls, they cannot fly. Their body is flattened, which allows them to fit into small spaces. Without wings, they can fit into tighter spaces and are not hurt when crawling inside caves. In addition, they do not fly very high. However, they can climb rough surfaces like wood and plaster. They can climb on wood because it offers lots of places for their legs to grip. The same goes for plaster, which may have tiny bumps or cracks.

If a student’s bed is infested with bed bugs, it may be a good idea to have the building inspected by a pest control professional or an in-house staff member. The frequency of these inspections depends on the number of cases and the risk of infestation. It may also be helpful to instruct incoming patients and visitors to take their belongings home for laundering.

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