Do Bed Bugs Bombs Really Work?

If you’ve ever heard of bed bug bombs and wondered whether they really work, you’re not alone. While the insecticide permethrin does have a short-term effect, it is also completely safe for humans. The main downside to bed bug bombs is that you’ll need to wait several hours after using them before you can go inside. In order to make sure that the bombs are doing their job properly, you’ll need to follow their label instructions and wait outside until the fumes dissipate.

In addition to the risk of injury from the chemicals inside the bomb, it can also be dangerous to use these products improperly. Proper use of pesticides requires following the label directions, which is why it is essential to carefully read the directions on the label. It’s estimated that thousands of people die from improper use of pesticides each year.

Most bed bug bombs are aerosol cans filled with a chemical that kills the bugs in the air. These aerosols are able to cover a large area with little effort. Just make sure to turn off pilot lights and other sources of ignition before using the bombs. A lot of these bombs can also be highly flammable.

Another method to kill bed bugs is to place infested items in the freezer. Leaving these items in the freezer for up to 4 days will kill the majority of the bugs. However, this method does not work on small items and will only kill a portion of them. Fortunately, scientists at Purdue University have recently reported on an innovative commercial technology that uses CO2 stored in the freezer to kill bed bugs. The technology can also be used to kill other pests.

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