Can You Use Bed Bug Spray to Kill Fleas?

Bed bugs are more difficult to detect than fleas, but you can still detect them with the help of visible eggs, shed skins, and dark stains in your bedding. Additionally, they tend to hide away from the bed, preferring dark, protected areas such as carpeting or picture frames. If you think your bed is infested, it’s important to act quickly to eradicate them.

Flea bites are red and itchy, and if you’re allergic, you’ll notice the redness almost immediately. If they’re not treated within 48 hours, they can turn into blisters and infection. Bed bug bites are not immediately noticeable, but may take a few days or a week to become inflamed.

It’s best to follow label directions and avoid using flea products around children. Bed bug sprays have clear instructions for indoor use. Failure to follow them will result in poor control and could hurt your family. Using them in the home without proper guidance is a risky proposition.

The first step to treating a bed bug infestation is to clean your home. If you’ve found signs of bed bugs or fleas, it’s time to clean your house. Using a special product for this task is a great idea. Diatomaceous earth is a natural product that is tough enough to cut through the thick body of the pests.

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