Can You Get Bed Bugs From a Laundromat?

While it is unlikely that you will acquire bed bugs in a laundromat, it is possible to get them on your clothes. It is best to pre-sort your clothes before they go into the washing machine. Separate items by category, and then place each in separate plastic bags. This will keep bedbugs from moving from one bag to another. Additionally, be sure to read the washing instructions, and know the highest and lowest temperatures that are recommended for washing and drying.

Bedbugs can be transmitted through clothing, bedding, and luggage. While they can’t bite through fabrics, they can crawl through very small holes. This is why it is important to keep your clothes and bedding away from these places. If you do get bedbugs on your clothing or bedding, you will notice stains on them. These are caused by their excrement, which looks like dark rusty dots. Fortunately, these stains are washable.

Another way to avoid contracting bedbugs is to avoid doing laundry in a laundromat. Laundromats use communal folding tables, and there are chances that other customers have bedbugs. You should try to prevent exposure by placing your clothes on a white sheet when folding them.

Using a plastic bag to transport used clothing is also a good way to keep bedbugs out. If you cannot avoid the use of plastic bags, try to use a water-soluble laundry bag. This way, the bugs will be killed and not spread from one bag to another.

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