Can a New Mattress Come With Bed Bugs?

Bedbugs are incredibly small – approximately the size of a lentil – and usually reside underneath mattresses and box springs. You’ll notice tiny, black spots after a bite, and you’ll often find bedbug droppings on your box spring, headboard, and mattress seams. The first step in detecting a bed bug infestation is to remove all bedding, including the box spring dust cover.

You can dispose of the infected mattress by following the waste disposal regulations for your area. If that’s not possible, consider hiring a junk removal service to dispose of the infested mattress. Make sure to make it clear that you do not want your mattress picked up by anyone, and wrap it in plastic before discarding it. This will prevent the bedbugs from spreading.

You should also seal up any open openings in the mattress. If your mattress has a zip-locked or torn opening, it’s best to sew it shut. It shouldn’t take long, and can even be free. This will prevent the bedbugs from entering the mattress, and it will make it easier to kill them.

Bedbugs are a common pest in beds. They can live in mattresses and box springs, and can even invade furniture. Their bites are red and itchy and are often mistaken for mosquitoes. The most common places they will attack are the hands, neck, and face. Bedbugs do not transmit disease, but they are fast reproducers.

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