Bedbugs - Do Bedbugs Only Bite Legs?

Bedbugs – Do Bedbugs Only Bite Legs?

Bedbugs feed at night, so the only way to avoid them is to stay away from your bed. Insufficient sleep can affect your health, as well as your immune system. Furthermore, misconceptions surrounding bedbugs can lead to low self-esteem. To treat bedbug bites, the first step is to clean the area with soap and water. If this does not work, apply over-the-counter hydrocortisone to the affected area.

While bedbugs are not known to carry disease, they do spread through mattresses and bedding. Bedbugs do not always bite the same place, so it can take some time before they start biting you. The feeding process can last for several days as the bugs feed and molt. Symptoms can wax and wane, and the bugs may even migrate to different rooms in the home. It is important to find out whether you have a bedbug infestation right away.

Bedbugs are tiny parasitic insects that live on humans. They are smaller than an apple seed and are brown in color. Female bedbugs lay between one and three eggs a day. In the course of a lifetime, the bugs can lay 200 or 500 eggs. If the infestation is not caught soon enough, it can spread quickly. Unlike fleas, which feed on blood, bedbugs tend to feed on the skin of their hosts.

To minimize the risk of bedbug infestation, avoid staying in an apartment or a house that has frequent movements. When sleeping, wear comfortable pajamas that will not trap bedbugs. It is also a good idea to check used clothing or bedding before bringing them home. If you are staying in a hotel, inspect the mattress seams and look for the presence of bedbug excrement. If you find anything suspicious, put it on a dresser or table.