At What Temperature Do Bed Bugs Die?

Researchers at the University of Sheffield have studied the temperatures at which bed bugs die. They found that a temperature of 110.3 degrees Fahrenheit kills 50 percent of adult bed bugs, and 119 degrees Fahrenheit kills 100 percent. However, it is not yet known if a higher temperature can kill all of the eggs in a bed, and a lower temperature might make bed bugs more resistant.

The temperature at which bed bugs die depends on several factors. The first determinant is whether the temperature is too hot or too cold. The temperature must be above the bedbugs’ tolerance levels, or they will succumb to a disease. In addition, the temperature should be in the range of forty degrees Celsius.

Moreover, the temperature of a home is important because it affects bedbugs’ development and reproduction. Temperatures that are too hot or too cold will cause the bugs to die. Bed bugs live best in an environment that is eighty degrees Fahrenheit or higher, but they can survive in temperatures as low as 44 degrees Fahrenheit.

One method of killing bed bugs is by placing them in a clear plastic bag and placing it in the sun for at least one hour. In addition, you can place a wireless thermometer at the center of the mass to monitor the temperature. The temperature must be high enough to kill adult bed bugs, which take an average of ninety four minutes. If you don’t have a high-temperature steamer, consider purchasing one that outputs temperatures of 200 or 210 degrees. This temperature is perfect for treating furniture, mattresses, and box springs.

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